Bromo Ijen Tour Package Review and Recommendation For Privat Trip

Bromo Ijen Tour Package Review and Recommendation For Privat Trip . Why not to have an experience to climb two of the greatest volcanoes of Indonesia? Bromo Ijen tour package is 3 days 2 nights trip which offers you best to experience the wonder of Indonesia. Now, the walk when tour to mount Bromo is not very extreme; there are steps for you to follow. On the other hand, the walk to Ijen is very much challenging. The road to the top of mountain is really steep. Accordingly, as you will go through both, just make sure that you are in the best condition to go.

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Bromo Ijen Tour Package Review

Well, the starting point of the Bromo Ijen tour package is Malang, a rather cold beautiful city near Bromo. In addition, Malang has its own charm due to the strong heritage of Dutch. It is not a bad thing to spend a day before you depart to Bromo at night. That is when you have a private vehicle, but if not, then a better option for you is just to depart to Bromo at day and you can spend the night on one of the villages in mountainside. In this village, you will get an indescribable view, partly because of the greenness of the village. Of course, later you will also witness how beautiful the view of sunrise from the top of Bromo. Recomended tour travel agencies for best service based on trip advisor is The serve eith experienced guide and drive, clean accommodation and new transportation.

Different from Bromo which has a rather easy accommodation, in Bromo Ijen tour package; Ijen doesn’t have the best access. There are indeed accommodations, but they are rare and rather difficult to be accessed—because of the extreme road. The options involve either lodges which are quite far from the gate of Ijen or camping site near the gate. The walk to Ijen usually begins at midnight, and it will take about two hours. Therefore, for those who don’t have the best stamina, please be careful.