Best Notes Mount Rinjani Trekking

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Lombok and frequented by tourists is beach tourism. But the island actually still holds so much beauty that may not be realized by the tourists. One of the natural beauty given Than on the island of Lombok is Mount Rinjani Trekking National Park where within the National Park area there are protected forests and Mount Rinjani standing upright on the island of Lombok. To access the area is quite easy because various modes of land transportation such as motorbikes or cars can be used to access the area.

After arriving at the entrance then you should spend approximately 10 hours to reach the top of Rinjani. As one of the highest active volcanoes of Indonesia certainly the journey that will be taken every climber will not be easy because they are required to pass through various extreme terrains that are dangerous and tiring. Therefore, before making the climb to Mount Rinjani you should prepare first because this kind of trip is not intended for someone who is easily tired or someone who is easily desperate. The most important preparation you should prepare is physical or body endurance through various fields. Then the next preparation is mental because without a strong mentality it seems impossible for the climbers to reach the top of Rinjani

The climbers will usually climb and descend on two different paths so that the sensation and terrain will be more diverse later. The beginner climber will usually start the journey through an easy route first through Sembalun then will go down through Senaru route vice versa. 2 lane is indeed a major route for climbers and other tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the peak of the height of Rinjani. The journey will be an experience that you will never forget throughout life because in addition to enjoying the beauty of Lombok Island from above Rinjani you will also feel the sensation that is rarely found, interaction among others will be better and friendship will also be closer during the trip.

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